Top 10 Pictures from THESNAPWALK before I started Portrait Photography

Check out my Top 10 pictures from Streets, Night and Some abstracts before I started on Portrait Photography. The Streets of Freiburg, Freiburger Münster, Martinstor, Schwabentor, Rainy days and reflections, Night walks are some of the major highlights. The best, however is , Sunset photographs. You will see the descriptions with each image, how the photograph was taken, with which angle etc. Some of these photos were also featured in top tourism pages in Freiburg like visitfreiburg, stadtbesten freiburg, freiburggrams, unserfreiburg and other some other tourism , blogging sites. Walk with me for my top 10 best photos here.

FREIBURGER MÜNSTER refelection from Schlossberg. Credit -THESNAPWALK

This picture was taken during a rainy day. It was captured using mobile with a 3 second timer. The mobile was kept upside down and the image was reversed for posting. This is an artistic view of Freiburger Münster from the Schlossberg viewpoint. On editing part, the sky colors are highlighted using phone apps. No other editing were done. The reflection is seen in rain water standing in mud.


FREIBURGER MÜNSTER Silhouette from Schlossberg walking stairs. Credit -THESNAPWALK

This picture was also in the cover for OpenArt 2020 Exhbition from THESNAPWALK. It was captured again and again in different years. But, this scene is uniquely seen from the walking stairs of Schlossberg. The leaves at the edges gives a nice perspective to look at this picture. The timing is around evening, just when the sun sets behind the Münster under hills. The shot was taken in a basic DSLR with low ISO. And the colors are highlighted using a mobile app. No other editing was done.


MARTINSTOR reflection on mobile surface. Credit – THESNAPWALK

An unique picture of Martinstor. One in hundreds, may be. This was also featured in Photochllenge4u team for Reflection photography, which won the team challenge. It was my 1st submission in that challenge. I still believe, it was the best pic of Martinstor. A tram was going by and I shot the image using camera, on a mobile surface as reflector. Those , who are new to my page or might not know, I don’t take pictures using bottled water, as some photographers do, mostly. I use natural surfaces, rain or water bodies already in nature to take reflections. There was no edit on this picture. It was just reversed for the artistic view. Some other pictures on my mobile surface are also there in this top 10 pictures.


A pair , close to me too, as we walked at same time for Schlossberg. And they shared some moments for the picture as they enjoy the view of Münster from Schlossberg. Credit -THESNAPWALK

The love has no language, barrier as they say. I met so many couples over the years in Freiburg and talked on different levels. This was my first time, when I talked with them and asked for a picture with unique perspective of Münster, with love. They were shy initially, but later they agreed that, I won’t reveal their faces. They are still my friends. Let me know, if you want some iconic pictures with your love in Freiburg. I would be more than happy to do some photoshoots depending on requirements. There was only color highlight edit on this picture. Timing – Sunset time.


MÜNSTER reflection on mobile surface during Sunset. Credit – THESNAPWALK

Anotehr example of reflection photography on mobile surface. This was taken during Sunset , where Sun is setting in the hills of Kaiserstühl. Münster is in highlight. The shot was taken as seen on mobile screen. No editing. The color highlights for sunset only.


A tram from VAG, Freiburg during a night after rain with lights. Credit – THESNAPWALK

The VAG tram from Freiburg during an evening after rain shows colors of STOP, red. There is no edit on this picture. For this shot, the camera was placed on the street at the track and no long exposure. A clean shot of the focus on the tram. The ISO was 200. For long exposure images, please visit my instagram page THESNAPWALK.


A lover pair sitting on Blaubrücke and Herz-Jesu-Kirche in background. Credit- THESNAPWALK

The name Herz-Jesu-Kirche translates to Sacred Heart Church, otherwise known as Stühlinger Kirche. It is situated in hearts of Stühlinger area and can be viewed as a iconic site in Freiburg from Bluebridge. I did not cover the blue bridge specially here in this post. You can find the pictures of Blue Bridge on my instagram. The bridge serves as the place for relaxation. Teenage people sit with their friends on the bridge and watch the city view , sunset and the bikers going. It is a must in Freiburg to be at Blue Bridge and take pictures of Stühlinger Kirche from the Novotel side of the bridge. This was a handheld shot taken at higher ISO approx. 6400.


Stühlinger Kirche during a Sunset with cloud colors highlighted. Credit – THESNAPWALK

The Same church as mentioned in no. 7 of this post is viewed from different perspective during Sunset. This is from the stairs of the one end of the bridge. At Novotel end. People are seen enjoying as the evening sets in. This is classic Freiburg. Summer time goes until 11 to 12 during night on this bridge as people seen relaxing. Freiburg and the Blue Bridge , you can never take apart these two words.


MARTINSTOR reflection on mobile surface. Credit – THESNAPWALK

As I have mentioned before, I see reflections on mobile surface. This is another example where I just put my mobile on the street. at one of the corner near Martinstor, I put my mobile during a bright day. And it was a camera shot. Here, It is reversed to give the artistic view. There was no editing on this picture. Message in instagram or email via contact option if you want to know more about how this picture was taken or want to take this picture while walking the streets of Freiburg.


MARTINSTOR reflection after rain from the Holzmarkt crossing. Credit – THESNAPWALK

Another reflection of Martinstor after rain from the streets of Freiburg. the water was slowly clearing in to the drain nearby. But, it was enough for some minutes to take a good reflection picture from the Holzmarkt tram stop. It was taken using a camera and the image is reversed. It was reposted by 2 different travel and tourism pages in Freiburg.

THANK YOU for your patience. I wish you a good day. Keep reading on pictures and descriptions from my instagram. Instagram has some more specific details on each picture. You can find the instagram account from the Contact page of click here.

See you then. Until next time in July 2020. Stay tuned for Travel Blogging Ideas for instagrammable pictures while you are in Freiburg. Danke Schön.

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