Sunset Photography

When the Spring and Summer rolls in, many want to capture the beautiful Sunset. Your idea for the sunset and composition matters the most. When it comes to sunsets, there are a lot of different types of composition you can look for. For example, you want to capture only the sun. Or someone else, wants to capture the silhouette when the sun is totally set. Or, you want to capture the rays of sun through trees, houses and streets, lakes. The golden colors over the fog, clouds passing by or the freshly bloom flowers, leaves. There can be many ideas around it. The basic settings for getting good sunset photographs remain similar.

Low ISO , high Aperature numbers and a faster shutter speed. For example, ISO 100 , f/20 or f/32 or f/45 , 1/3000 or 1/ 2000 or 1/1000 s would produce superb results if you are looking for nice sunset pictures. Remember, shooting sun directly involves risk. SO, dont look directly or don’t expose the camera sensor for too long at same position.

A sunset compilation during a clear day with manual setting at 300 mm. Image captured in Nikon D3400, Tamron 70-300 mm

More Sunset compilation and Moody shots will be updated here. Thank you.

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