THESNAPWALK. Location – Luzern Lake, Switzerland. Watching the Dragon mountains across the lake.

THESNAPWALK as the name suggests, is a creative walk page from my hiking, biking and traveling diaries. Many times, it can be a short walk. The snapshots from my walk are of different taste, color and emotion. Apart from looking at the streets, nature, sunrise, sunsets, seasonal changes, I also love to walk and talk with new people.

When I started this page in Sep 2019, I though of only tourism, streets and architecture pictures to keep them as my memory. Slowly, I explored the bnw, minimalist mood and found it exciting. Check out my collection in my 2nd Instagram page.


This keeps my thoughts, ideas at edge and gives me enough space to experience life from others. Sometimes, people love to be captured and it is a great way to keep them forever as memory. I don’t display or stopped displaying the portraits over online. You can still ask for shootings and events for your memory. Thank you.

My skill set in photography is not just limited to taking pictures with Professional camera. But Also, I edit and retouch images depending on requirement. Most interestingly, currently I am doing it for FREE. This is due to two reasons, I am passionate about what I do and love the work. People respond and appreciate the work. Second, I am Student and have not thought of monetizing yet. So, feel free to pass by and keep me inspiring through your response.

Have a great day. Thank you very much.