DJI Mini2 during a sunset. Captured in a phone.

DJI Mini2 drone for aerial photography. Safety tips, tricks for photos and videos compiled for personal usage.

Some tips are compiled as individual image files. Easy to save for future reference. Leave a comment for discussions.

Before buying a drone, you must know that your smartphone need to be compatible with the DJI Fly app. DJI fly is required to connect the Drone to Remote Controller for navigation, flight and footage. Check the smartphone listed in the DJI Website.

The image is taken from DJI webiste and only intended for personal use and reference. DJI Fly app can be downloaded from Google play store.

Ensure a flat surface to keep your drone

A flat surface is always recommended to keep and land your drone. This ensures your propellers are safe and not touch the ground. Propellers needed to be always free of any object nearby before and while landing. There are some strong colored landing pads available for easy landing. AVOID any dust and soil patch to land the drone. Before flying take out the camera cover.

Basic drone terminology before flying it

You will be seeing these terms in Settings and in your DJI Fly app while ‘In Flight’. It is good to keep an understanding what some terms mean. One by one, important terms will be explained for safe flight and photography. In the end, SAFETY is utmost important factor while enjoying the hobby for 20-30 minutes of drone day.