Blackforest Background Image. ©THESNAPWALK

Lightroom Presets for your Travel and Nature Blogs. Combined with warm and cold tones for summer.

dark long expo

The Long exposure with a bit cold tone set in dark giving contrast to the image. Also suitable for reflection water images.

city warm cold mix

Perfect for travel, architecture and city images with warm as well as cold tone to provide natural look.

dark moody

Probably the most widely used Preset. Warm dark tone suitable for any season, with slight variations in water, tree or other elements.

chilled greens

Desaturate green chill vibes for the leaves during gloomy season. Looks better when some white or black contrast like water droplet added to the leaves. Keep practicing.

animal warm tone

Like above Dark moody tone, this is a similar one, but with some slight modifications. Made for animals, birds and macro settings. too.

While you are here please check my Pages where these Presets are active and more to be updated. There are 3 different pages covering different themes. Have a great day.

All the Presets were created from Lightroom by THESNAPWALK. The available preset files are downloadable upon google questions over a form. No other requirements for these specific 5 presets.

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