THESNAPWALK makes and produces pictures for personal use and leisure time activity. And most of the time, makes picture of nature, and scenes involving natural element, devoid of human beings and recognizable faces.

This is acceptable in almost all cases, including smartphone, camera and a drone. However, To make sure, THESNAPWALK follows all guidelines it is important to know the rules, laws and as so there of related to photography.

The following compilation is meant for personal use and is taken from different laws, acts and in any discrepancies if so arise, the German version stands true. And this is not legally binding. THIS IS NOT TO BE SHARED LEGALLY OR WITH PERMISSION. Self Explanatory and Personal reference. No third party involved or harmed.

Rules and Regulations for Photography

For personal use and self-explanation only. Not to be used for anywhere legally. The document is prepared from defined sources by THESNAPWALK and stays with THESNAPWALK.

German Criminal Code (Strafgesetzbuch – StGB)

Chapter 15. Violation of privacy of personal and private sphere

Section 201– Violation of privacy spoken word

  1. Not allowed to make audio recordings of another person without authorization
  2. Not allowed to use listening devices to intercept the privately spoken words

Section 201a – Violation of intimate privacy by taking photographs or other images

  1. Without authorization, it is not allowed to make photographs of another person in private premises.
  2. Not allowed to take pictures of helplessness of another person

Gesetz betreffend das Urheberrecht an Werken der bildenden Künste und der Photographie

Law on copyright in works of fine arts and photography

§ 22

Bildnisse dürfen nur mit Einwilligung des Abgebildeten verbreitet oder öffentlich zur Schau gestellt werden. DieEinwilligung gilt im Zweifel als erteilt, wenn der Abgebildete dafür, daß er sich abbilden ließ, eine Entlohnungerhielt. Nach dem Tode des Abgebildeten bedarf es bis zum Ablaufe von 10 Jahren der Einwilligung derAngehörigen des Abgebildeten. Angehörige im Sinne dieses Gesetzes sind der überlebende Ehegatte oderLebenspartner und die Kinder des Abgebildeten und, wenn weder ein Ehegatte oder Lebenspartner noch Kindervorhanden sind, die Eltern des Abgebildeten.

Images may only be distributed or publicly displayed with the consent of the person depicted. In case of doubt, consent is deemed to have been given if the person depicted has received remuneration for allowing himself to be depicted. After the death of the person pictured, the consent of the person pictured’s relatives is required for a period of 10 years. Relatives within the meaning of this law are the surviving spouse or life partner and the children of the person depicted and, if neither a spouse or life partner nor children are present, the parents of the person depicted.

§ 23

(1) Ohne die nach § 22 erforderliche Einwilligung dürfen verbreitet und zur Schau gestellt werden:

1. Bildnisse aus dem Bereiche der Zeitgeschichte;

2. Bilder, auf denen die Personen nur als Beiwerk neben einer Landschaft oder sonstigen Örtlichkeit erscheinen;

3. Bilder von Versammlungen, Aufzügen und ähnlichen Vorgängen, an denen die dargestellten Personen teilgenommen haben;

4. Bildnisse, die nicht auf Bestellung angefertigt sind, sofern die Verbreitung oder Schaustellung einem höheren Interesse der Kunst dient.

(2) Die Befugnis erstreckt sich jedoch nicht auf eine Verbreitung und Schaustellung, durch die ein berechtigtes Interesse des Abgebildeten oder, falls dieser verstorben ist, seiner Angehörigen verletzt wird.

(1) Without the consent required under Section 22, the following may be disseminated and displayed:

1. Portraits from the realm of contemporary history;

2. Pictures in which the people appear only as accessories next to a landscape or other location;

3. Pictures of meetings, elevators and similar events in which the persons depicted have taken part;

4. Portraits that are not made to order, provided that the dissemination or exhibition serves a greater interest in art.

(2) The authorization does not, however, extend to dissemination and display that violates a legitimate interest of the person depicted or, if he has died, his relatives.

Gesetz über Urheberrecht und verwandte Schutzrechte

Copyright and Related Rights Act

Section 59 – Works in public places

(1) It shall be permissible to reproduce, distribute and make available to the public works located permanently in public roads and ways or public open spaces. In the case of buildings, this authorisation shall only extend to the façade.

(2) The reproductions may not be carried out on a building.

Section 60 –  Portraits

(1) Reproduction, and distribution for which no payment is received and which is not for commercial purposes, of a portrait by the commissioner of the portrait or his successor in title or with a portrait created on commission by the person portrayed or, after his death, by his next of kin or by a third party acting on behalf of one of these persons shall be permissible. If the portrait is an artistic work, exploitation shall only be permissible by photography.

(2) Next of kin within the meaning of subsection (1) sentence 1 shall mean the spouse or life partner and children or, if there is neither a spouse nor a life partner nor any children, the parents.

Section 72 – Photographs

  1. Photographer has the sole right to the photograph.
  2. The right expires after 50 years after the first appearance of the photo. If the photograph is not produced within 50 years of its production, the protection ends.

Drone Rules in Germany

The following content is for personal use only. Created and edited by THENSAPWALK. Only meant for DJI MINI2. Not includes scope for other drones. Until January 2023.

(Art 22 of the Regulation (EU) 2019/947 and operating in subcategory A1)

According to TE.GEN.00107-003 © European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

The requirements for operating a Mavic Mini 2 (249g) are:

Registration of UAS operator.

It will be always be possible to operate in A1, after being familiar with the manufacturer’s instructions.

DJI Mini 2 : < 250 g

Open Category , identification label 0. Or C0 class.

Maximum height : 100 m without permission

Category to fly : A1

Qualification : Not required. No certification necessary. Can fly with manual.

Registration : Mandatory

Insurance : Mandatory

Marking with Name and ID : Optional

Apps to be used to locate the Flying Zones : DRONIQ, Map2Fly

Maintain a VLOS : minimum 5 m distance from people in slow flight (3 m/s). Recommended, Not to fly when people are there, without their consent. 30 m distance in all situations.

According to C0 UAS, Sub category A1, DJI Mini2 might be a toy. But, as it has camera and GPS sensors, it is taken as NOT a toy. So, Registration and Insurance for the drone as an Aircraft is mandatory.

General rules :

  1. Valid certificate wherever necessary
  2. Up to date info on Geo Zones
  3. Operational readiness
  4. Remote identification
  5. maximum take-off weight (MTOM) compliance and labelling
  6. Special authorization to fly during night
  7. Follow Me mode, 50 m on VLOS

At least 16 years old to fly the drone.

UAS flight not allowed:

  1. Over crowds
  2. In areas of emergency, medical, accident or evacuation
  3. Sports event
  4. Beaches/parks
  5. Shopping streets during opening times
  6. Ski slopes
  7. 1.5 km  within aerodromes
  8. Controlled airspace and no fly zones
  9. over residential premises
  10. Private individual with or without clothes without consent


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