Your Ultimate Münster Guide

Be it Blogging, Travel Photography or just memories, when you are in Freiburg im Breisgau, you want to have Clean and fine compositions of Freiburger Münster. When you travel to a new city or place after seeing beautiful images on social media, you also wonder, why cant you make such beautiful images. This also happened with me when I visited some other cities. The reason is simple. Timing, Season and the lighting conditions all matter when you try to picture something special in the city or that place.

Here, I have summarized some of the well appreciated images of Freiburger Münster around the altstadt area. When, you are traveling , keep this as a guide to motivate you to take better images and compose clean shots. I am not writing long texts here, instead made your travel cards simpler by adding the time, season, location and extra tips just below the image. Enjoy reading and visit my Instagram page the_snapwalk for more travel inspiration around the region. I will be compiling some more travel tips and photography ideas for beginner level to advanced level composition techniques. have a great day.

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Sunrise/ Sunset Photography

When the Spring and Summer rolls in, many want to capture the beautiful Sunset. Your idea for the sunset and composition matters the most. When it comes to sunsets, there are a lot of different types of composition you can look for. For example, you want to capture only the sun. Or someone else, wants to capture the silhouette when the sun is totally set. Or, you want to capture the rays of sun through trees, houses and streets, lakes. The golden colors over the fog, clouds passing by or the freshly bloom flowers, leaves. There can be many ideas around it. The basic settings for getting good sunset photographs remain similar.

Low ISO , high Aperature numbers and a faster shutter speed. For example, ISO 100 , f/20 or f/32 or f/45 , 1/3000 or 1/ 2000 or 1/1000 s would produce superb results if you are looking for nice sunset pictures. Remember, shooting sun directly involves risk. SO, dont look directly or don’t expose the camera sensor for too long at same position.

A sunset compilation during a clear day with manual setting at 300 mm. Image captured in Nikon D3400, Tamron 70-300 mm

More Sunset compilation and Moody shots will be updated here. Thank you.

For Sunrise, you an ND filter to get the image of the sun. As the Sun is too bright during morning, it is recommended not to directly look at the sun or through view finder. Use an ND filter to look through view finder.


Check out different pictures of the beautiful architecture, Cathedral in Freiburg from different parts, at different times and areas of the city.

Freiburg Münster with red sky. Credits – @thesnapwalk
Freiburg im Breisgau
Freiburg im Breisgau. Sunset with Munster background. View from Schlossberg. Credits – @thesnapwalk
Freiburg im Breisgau. Sunset with Munster background. View from Schlossberg view point with a reflection (pm for getting info on how the reflection was created). Credits – @thesnapwalk
Evening over freiburg. Münster view from Schlossberg. Credits – @thesnapwalk
Freiburg im Breisgau
Evening over Freiburg and the schwabentor also joins hands with Münster. View from schlossberg (a special point for viewing this). Credits – @thesnapwalk
Freiburg Münster. View from Schwabentor, Oberlinden street. Credits – @thesnapwalk
Freiburg Münster. View from SClossberggarage balcony through Konviktstr. Credits – @thesnapwalk
Freiburg Münster. View ate the end of Konviktstr and the schlossberring way. Credits – @thesnapwalk